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About the Magician

Tommy Centuri is a laureate of the Magicians Choice Award, among others, and he enchants his audience according to all the rules of art. Magic has captivated him since the age of 6 and his initial hobby became a passionate profession.

It enchants people from birthday parties to weddings and house parties to large corporate events. It makes people laugh and be amazed. It elicits their thoughts from them and lets them forget their everyday lives.

About the Magacian

Bar and Restaurant Magic

You have a bar or a restaurant and are looking for something special to stand out from the crowd? Then you need a magician!

Why? The reasons are straightforward:


1. Magic has never been more popular. Even on television, there are as many magic shows as never before. Your guests want to leave their daily routine, to distract themselves and dive into a world full of magic and illusion.

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2. Close up magic is popular and perfectly suited to bars and restaurants!


Close up magic is the form of magic that happens directly at the tables and in hands of your guests, incorporating each and every one of them into the act of magic. If there are no tables, then the magic will happen as a walking act. Unexplainable wonders happen right in front of your eyes.

3. Unlike music or song, magic is discreet.

Music and song are great entertainment, but guests might not want to focus all their attention on the show. Magic is more discreet, meaning that the magician goes from table to table, enchanting only small groups. If a guest does not wish to have magic at the table, or simply wants to be left alone, then that can easily be accommodated.


4. Quiet nights...

Every restaurant, every bar has slow days. A magic routine on such an evening will help you stand out from the competition and win new customers. A magician magically attracts your guests.

5. Magic travels by word-of-mouth...

Magic is a very special kind of entertainment, and only rarely can an audience witness it as close as when it happens at their table. When your guests experience a magical evening full of wonder and fascination, this will excite them to tell their friends and share their experience on their social networks. There is no better publicity!


6. Eliminate walkouts...

On days when you are short on staff, customers will sometimes have to wait longer for their table to be ready or for their order to arrive. Some customers might be frustrated by this and leave. A magician is perfect to make waiting times as pleasant as possible. He will magically put a smile on the faces of your guests.

Bar and resturant magic

Magic Dinner

A Magic Dinner is an event particularly for restaurants.
Your guests buy tickets for a special evening which has been advertised ahead of the event at your locale. This helps the restaurant owner plan accordingly, depending on the number of guests and the advertised menu.


Throughout the evening your guests will experience a alternate between menu and magic.

While the chef works his magic in the kitchen, the magician does so on stage.

The evening starts with an aperitif and the welcoming of your guests. The magician immediately begins to take them away on a journey to another world by using mental magic, illusion and incredible magic tricks.

The first course follows. Your guests are then entertained with first rate magic in-between the following courses which they can savor with all their senses.

Your guests will experience a wonderful evening where unbelievable things happen that their eyes can see but their minds cannot grasp – combined with a tasty meal made up of three to five courses. A Magic Dinner is a very exclusive event and will make your restaurant stand out. It will become a magical place. Such a Magic Dinner can be an ideal event for one of your slow days. The magic will magically attract your customers.
The publicity by word-of-mouth alone is priceless.

Magic Dinner

Corporate Events

A successful company should shine not just through its earnings, but also through the way it interacts with professional partners and employees.
Here, booking the right kind of entertainment is very important.

Be it your company’s anniversary, a Christmas party or the big end-of-year bash: Transform your event into something extraordinary with the award-winning magician Tommy Centuri.
He will help you make your event a profoundly memorable experience your guests will talk about with wonder and excitement for a long time.

Corporate Event

Private Parties

You are celebrating a wedding, a birthday or an anniversary?
Congratulations! You are throwing a house party? Wonderful!
But have you thought about something special that will make your celebration or your party into a night to remember for you and your guests?

Tommy will make your guests share their deepest thoughts. They will see and experience a magical world beyond their imagination.

The audience will witness magic not from afar, but directly in front of their eyes and in their hands.

But be aware: Strange and unexplainable things will happen.

May your celebration or your party not only live on in photographs, but also in the hearts of your guests.

Private Parties

Forms of Magic

How Tommy Century enthralls his international audience:

1. The most popular option: close-up magic as table hopping or walking act

Close up magic is the magical art that happens directly at the guests’ tables or without tables as a walking act.

You experience the magic close up and in the palm of your hands. Magic happens in small groups and only those are entertained who so wish.

2. On stage / stand up
The magician stands on stage in front of the whole audience and works his magic for the whole room.


3. Magic Dinner
As the name suggests, the magic is combined with a wonderful dinner. The magician performs between courses while the chef works his magic in the kitchen.

Forms Of Magic

Hiring the wrong magician Is costly


Don't get stuck with entertainment that is impersonal or offensive

worried (1).png

You don't want an unhappy boss, bored guests , or a lame event


Don't hire someone who will embarrass you or your reputation

When you book magician Tommy Centuri, you get


A Well Rounded, Successful, and Butt-Kicking Event


A Reputation as THE event planning pro!


No more stress, knowing entertainment is covered


The right entertainment piece for your audience


Happy Audience


Minds Blown


Hilarious Comedy


Stand Out At Your Job


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